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Can you claim disability on your taxes?

The IRS does offer deductions for Americans with disabilities.

Social Security cards and money

However, there are times that the benefits are subject to taxation.

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Disability benefits

Nearly 70 million Americans get additional support from at least one of the programs overseen by the Social Security Administration (SSA). One of the programs they manage is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Most people know it as disability benefits. Read more about it here.

The payment varies for each person, but is calculated similarly to retirement benefits. The SSA looks at your earnings from 22 until the time you became disabled. The SSA definition of disability is quite rigid.

SSDI payments aren’t usually taxed unless you are getting over $25,000, but most people don’t get that much.

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Disability tax benefits

There are various deductions that you can apply for during tax season:

Be sure to look into income limits to see how much of your benefit could be taxed 50%. Those with higher incomes could face an 85% tax on their benefit.

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