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Mohammed Ali Rashid named among the top 2021 Power of Diversity: Asian 100 leaders in America

It was a long time coming, but the political and economic structure in New York is changing to keep up with modern times. In this era, Asian Americans like Mohammed Ali Rashid are making headlines in the property brokerage sector. More so, in 2018, there was a record of the first two Asians to get elected to the state Senate position; Kevin Thomas and John Lui. That was just the beginning of Asian Americans getting political positions in New York. 

In 2020, there were two south Asians elected to the assembly, Zohran Mamdani and Jenifer Rajkumar. The two joined their fellow Asian Americans, Yuh-Line Niou and Ron Kim. Other attempts to get into the political arena did not make it like the Andrew Yang Motorola bids. Over half a dozen Asian Americans are on track to securing a seat in the New York City Council position.  Asian Americans might not be a monolithic group, as seen in the latest poll of City & State’s Power of Diversity: Asian 100. However, most subgroups are Indian Americans and Chinese.


More about Mohammed Ali Rashid

Mohammed Ali Rashid is the president of the American Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG). APAG group is dedicated to community causes and efforts using three main principles known as the E-Principles Engage, Empower, and Elevate. They use these principles to help in uplifting communities. The group aims to represent those underrepresented and fight for and support causes that are main in the community. The group’s main focus is on civic awareness and engagement to ensure that there is an equal and fair presentation of everyone. APAG aims to bridge the gap between elected officials and their constituents and works to empower communities by building bridges.

Mohammed Ali Rashid has received recognition since, under his leadership, the APAG group delivered over 10,000 grocery packages during the COVID-19 food drive, which helps in making sure that resources were available for all the Pakistani Americans living in New York.  As a result, all the Pakistanis were well presented, and they got the amenities they needed during the tough times. The initiative was well organized and followed all the regulations and rules that the state had started to ensure that they were a part of the solution and not the problem. 

Another reason that Mohammed Ali Rashid stands out is that he uses APAG as a platform where he advocates, endorses, and canvasses candidates in New York City. The organization helps show that Asian Americans can get into political power and educate the Asian American Community on the importance of voting and their right as American Citizens. The group has endorsed candidates for New York City mayoral position and the Manhattan district attorney race. In 2021, APAG joined the Emgage NY and YAMA Action to form the Muslim Agenda in 2021 coalition. The group aims to engage and advocate for Muslim voters ahead of the elections.

Mohammed Ali Rashid: A broker and owner of Kingsland properties

In addition to being recognized among the Top 2021 Power of Diversity: Asian 100 Leaders in America, Ali Rashid is also the CEO of Kingsland properties, a company known for helping buyers and sellers acquire and sell single-family homes, multi-family homes, condos, and commercial premises. 

Most people familiar with his work and what he does are happy and stated that he deserved recognition. It is such initiatives that are making a change in the Asian-American community. Though most people are working towards making a difference, the recognition they get gives business enthusiasts like Mohammed Ali Rashid the motivation to work even harder. We can all agree that Mohammed Rashid is a true helper to the community.

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