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Don’t file your taxes on public wifi- protect your information from hackers

Be careful not to file your taxes on public wifi.

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Hackers can take advantage of the unsecure connection and steal your information.

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Beware of public wifi connections

When filing taxes, or accessing personal information, and financial documents, your information could be at risk if you’re connected to public wifi. Public wifi networks are often unsecure, and hackers take advantage of that and can steal your information. Read more about it here.

Hackers have a few common methods for wifi scams. The “Evil Twin Attack” is what it is called when a hacker creates a fake wifi network similar to that of a businesses’ public wifi. There is also the “Man in the Middle Attack” which is when the hacker gets between the user and network router to intercept data. Either attack method can result in stolen information.

If you are using a public wifi connection:

  • Do not file taxes or access applications that contain personal or financial information
  • Never stay permanently logged in to accounts while using a public connection
  • Use a cellular connection if accessing private information in public is necessary
  • Access websites that begin with “https” rather than “http,” the “s” stands for secure
  • Install browser encryption features

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