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Two ways to lower your rent payment

Inflation has impacted rent prices.

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Many Americans may start to feel the financial pressure.

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1. Sign a longer lease

Rent prices have surged, but with these tips you could potentially save hundreds. Read more about it here.

Signing a longer lease could lower your payment. This is because the apartment has to be cleaned and repaired before a new tenant moves in.

Offering to sign a 18 of 24 month lease will save the landlord money and give them some more stability. This may cause them to lower your payment. Locking in your lease could also prevent a rent rise.

2. Pay rent upfront

Landlords are always dealing with tenants who pay late, or not at all. Paying six months or a year of rent up front will provide them financial security of the property. This tip is usually successful for lowering your payment.

Rent tends to be more expensive if the place is run by a property management company. This is because of a monthly fee from 8-12% of your rent.

Keep in mind that you may be able to get a better deal with an independent landlord. Mentioning qualities like good credit score, stable job, and cleanliness will help to show you are a good tenant.

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