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Stimulus: 5 states giving stimulus cash worth up to $500

Millions of Americans are struggling to get by as inflation continues to rise, and some states are helping out their residents with stimulus cash.

cash Americans could see in the form of a stimulus payment

These payments vary and are in the form of checks or tax rebates.

The money isn’t as much as federal stimulus checks, but it’s made to help offset inflation costs.

States giving out stimulus and rebate checks

Georgia is giving a rebate worth $250-$500 for those who have filed taxes.

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If you’re a single filer you’ll see $250, head of household will see $250, and married filing jointly could see $500.

Idaho set aside $350 million to give out for tax rebates.

You must be a full time resident who filed their taxes for 2020 and 2021.

You also need to have filed grocery credit refund returns.

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The rebates were worth $75 or 12% of your refund, whatever was worth more.

Indiana is giving $125 rebates.

This is thanks to the Use of Excess Reserves Law.

This makes it so any excess funds in reserves are returned to taxpayers.

$1,000 one time payments proposed for some Americans

New Jersey mailed Middle Class Tax Rebates out to residents who claim at least one dependent with a tax balance of $1 or more.

Residents had the amount calculated for them, but could see up to $500.

New Mexico passed House Bill 2 and House Bill 163.

The first bill gives stimulus payments worth $250-$500 depending on income and filing status.

The second bill gives $25-$175 payments for children.

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