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IRS: Returns are being rejected, here’s how to avoid that

The IRS is working diligently to not only process 2021 tax returns, but many from 2020 as well. This means a rejection could cause serious delay.

irs tax return forms to help avoid delays when filing for a tax refund

If you’re still waiting for your 2020 tax return to be processed, you need to do something for your 2021 return.

Many Americans haven’t had their 2020 returns processed at no fault of their own.

If they’re aware of this, then they need to put $0 for their adjusted gross income for 2020.

This is for those filing digitally only.

There are also specific rules for those who received the advance child tax credit payments and stimulus checks.

If you received any of these things, you must claim $1 for last year.

By not doing this, the IRS may reject your return entirely.

Stop the IRS from rejecting your return

There are steps you can take to help avoid your tax return being rejected.

Do not file by paper, choose digital.

This way you avoid delays from it being a paper return.

Make sure you do not have little mistakes from waiting until the last possible moment.

Double check your name matching your SSN if you’re newly married or divorced.

Don’t forget an Identity Protection PIN if you or your dependent has one.

Do not use an expired ITIN.

Utilize the Letter 6475 and Letter 6419, because if you don’t, you risk putting incorrect amounts.

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