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Ghost Guns: What’s the difference between this and a regular gun?

As crimes involving guns continue to happen, the Biden administration is working to crack down on things like ghost guns.

ghost guns readily available for purchase with kits online

This means the administration will be putting stricter regulations on things that make guns readily available.

Some are opposed to this move, stating it isn’t the gun or its parts that are the issue, but the criminal mind.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

Ghost guns explained

Ghost guns are by definition unregistered, untraceable homemade weapons.

These are growing in production thanks to things like 3D printers.

Some people are able to even find online kits to purchase and print the parts themselves.

Attorney General James applauds Biden Administration’s new regulations targeting dangerous guns

Data shows, according to ATF, the rise in gun violence is due to ghost guns partially.

Hand gun and AK-47 kits are readily available to people online.

People are able to purchase these kits with no background check and the guns have no serial numbers.

This means if you’ve purchased a kit, and built the ghost gun, nobody has any idea you own it.

Biden’s new rules would require ghost guns to have serial numbers, not outlaw them entirely.

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