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SSI: Could SSI payments replace child tax credit payments?

Child tax credit payments helped millions of parents with their children, but those struggling could get help with SSI.

social security card with cash and check representing SSI benefits

SSI, or supplemental security income, can give qualifying people up to $841 per month.

Whether you’ll qualify for help with your children using SSI varies by state.

If you have debt, you could use SSI to pay it off.

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SSI: Can my benefits be taken to pay back child support?

If the debt is from credit cards, loans, or medical bills the money should not be used for that.

Federal taxes, student loans, and other federal debts like child support can be paid off with SSI payments.

The most that can be garnished by the state to pay these debts is 50% of your payment if you support another child.

If you do not have another child to support, the state can take up to 60%.

If you have federal debts, 15% of your payments can be taken to pay them off.

SSDI can be garnished the same way.

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