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Student Loans: When you need to start paying them back

The repayment on student loans were supposed to begin on May 1, but the pause was extended to Aug. 1, 2022.

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This began under the CARES Acts when President Donald Trump was in office.

The pause was put into place when the pandemic started.

It was set to expire May 1, but was extended to Aug. 1 on April 6.

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What does this mean for student loans?

The CARES Act originally had the repayment of student loans set to begin on Sept. 30, 2020.

That was the extended twice under Donald Trump through Jan. 31, 2021.

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How to take advantage of the student loan pause extension

President Biden has now extended in four times.

He did this in January 2021, Aug. 2021, Dec. 2021, and now April 2022.

The third extension was made when people claimed they could not afford the repayments in Feb.

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Will there be another extension?

There has been no statement on whether the loan pause will continue past Aug. 1, 2022.

Many Democrats asked that the pause be in place until 2023.

The extensions made so far under the Biden administration have all been made within weeks of the deadline.

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