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YCHC’s History Scavenger Hunt starting soon

The Yates County History Center’s second annual History Scavenger Hunt begins Saturday, April 30 and continues through Monday, May 23. Teams of four people can register for $20, with each additional team member costing $10. Teams must register by calling (315) 536-7318 or by emailing [email protected] in order to receive their clues. The scavenger hunt is a fun way to see our history in Yates County, so create a team and challenge your friends. Places of interest covering every town in Yates County have been selected, and clues will lead participants to those places.

Teams will receive points for correctly identifying items as well as correctly answering bonus questions, and the top teams will win prizes. Teams should register before the hunt starts but can register any time until it ends and will receive their clues upon registration. When you locate a site, photograph yourself or team members in front of the site. Email the answers and pictures to [email protected]. If you find a site, but do not photograph it including a team member, it will not be counted in your final score. Each correct answer will result in two points. In some places, there will be bonus questions worth an additional point.

Please remember that Yates County has a large population of Groffdale Conference Mennonites, who use horses and buggies and bicycles for transportation. Please exercise caution while driving on our roads for the safety of our Mennonite neighbors. Obey all speed limits and traffic rules on the roads in Yates County. Remember, each vehicle must be driven by someone with a valid driver’s license. Many of the sites are on private property. Do not trespass. Access the site from a safe place on the side of the road where it can be viewed. If you encounter another person or team on the Scavenger Hunt at a site, stay in your vehicle until they are finished.