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Stimulus: Checks worth $850 may go out by June

Residents in Maine may soon see a stimulus payment worth $850 as soon as June of 2022 under a new proposal.

cash residents can see from a stimulus check

The proposal comes from Governor Janet Mills and is part of the budget surplus.

The goal is to send checks electronically instead of by paper so residents get them even faster.

If you didn’t get a $1,400 stimulus check you might need to amend your tax return

Both Democrats and Republicans support the proposed bill, with some pushing for direct deposit to get the money out faster.

Maine has never used direct deposit as an option, but the decision to could speed the process up.

Others worry that it could be so new that logistical problems arise, creating bigger delays.

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It is estimated that there is only accurate banking info on file for less than half of the 800,000 eligible people.

For this reason, the idea of paper checks seems more reliable.

The budget surplus for Maine is $822 million dollars.

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