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IRS: Higher refunds and why yours may take longer than the 21 days

This year, the average tax refund amounts are higher than some are expecting. However, some refunds are taking longer to arrive from the IRS.

tax return forms used for tax refunds sent by the IRS

The average refund for 2021 has been determined to be around $3,261, according to the IRS.

58 million refunds worth $189 billion have been issued as of April 1, 2022.

The IRS states that the addition of 200 technologists has sped up refunds being sent out, but you may face delays.

This is especially true if you’re missing part of your tax return after you submitted it.

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Why will refunds be delayed by the IRS based on tax returns?

If you filed your return electronically, the IRS will reject it if you failed to file Form 8962.

The form is for anyone that needs to reconcile advance payments of the premium tax refund.

Some people may end up facing delays even if they did everything right.

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Some delays may be related to changes in tax laws for 2021 due to the pandemic and stimulus payments.

Others could be because you claimed the child tax credit or earned income tax credit.

The delay is due to the PATH Act, which doesn’t let refunds go out until a certain time to help avoid fraudulent claims.

Claim home office deductions on your tax return

Filing paper returns will result in the IRS taking much longer to process your return.

Incorrect information like addresses, bank information, or misspelled last names will delay your refund.

In addition to these reasons, the IRS is still working to get through a major backlog of 2020 tax returns that were never processed.

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