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SSDI and SSI at the same time, is it possible?

Millions of Americans collect SSDI or SSI benefits every month to get by, but some wonder if they can get more both.

Social Security card with cash and check representing SSDI and SSI

Each program is run under the Social Security Administration.

There are differences between the them.

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SSI: Millions see $841 benefits payments today

What are the key differences with SSDI and SSI?

There are four major differences for claiming both benefits.

The qualifying criteria for each program are difference as well as how much you can get for each.

Your access to healthcare is different between the two.

Social Security & SSDI: Can I claim both benefits?

When your payments begin differs as well.

SSDI is paid by Social Security taxes with money from American paychecks.

SSI is need based.

SSI takes age and disability with income into account while SSDI looks at work history and disability.

Collecting both benefits at once

It’s possible to get both.

You’ll get SSI first within one month of applying if approved.

SSDI will start after 5 months of waiting.

After 24 months of receiving SSDI you can get Medicare.

Claiming both could lower your SSI benefits.

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