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Letter sent to Auburn residents claims new law requires pets to wear pants

A fake letter circulated in Auburn this week telling residents a new law will require pets to wear pants for modesty’s sake.

The letter, dated Monday, March 28, was confirmed to be fake by Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason. Many suspected as much considering the letter’s claims were rather unbelievable. The letter said a new “Local Law No. 66K9_2022” would take effect on April 15 requiring pets to wear pants. It also said the city would contract Pet Pants, Inc. to provide residents with a special pet pants discount.

The letter was signed with the forged signature of Mayor Michael Quill and printed on the city’s official letterhead.

“While we do maintain our sense of humor, the City of Auburn does not condone the creation or circulation of false information. The intentional misrepresentation of the law and the forgery of the signature of an elected official are illegal acts and should be taken seriously,” said Mason, according to The Citizen.

The origin of the letter is still unclear.