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‘Unacceptably long wait times’ at the Social Security Office

U.S. Social Security Administration employees are back in the office this week, but the general public must wait until April to receive in-person assistance.

Currently, those trying to reach the office have to call again and again. One man, according to News10 NBC, finally got through to someone after a week and a half of calling. They said call back in August.

U.S. Rep. Joe Morelle said his office opened 120 complaint cases against the office in 2019 and 88 cases in 2021. In two letters sent to Social Security leaders, Morelle described “unacceptably long wait times” and a “degradation of communication.”

To add salt to the mound, those who visit the office in April may encounter even more delays. Social Security employees can still work from home two days a week, so local offices have the potential to be only 60% staffed.