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IRS: Are meals and services deductible?

The IRS says that food and beverage expenses paid to restaurants are deductible in 2022.

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These expenses can be deducted from this tax season and next.

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Who qualifies?

The IRS says that meal and beverage expenses paid for in restaurants by businesses are completely deductible. This deduction started as part of the economic relief from the COVID-19 pandemic at 50%. Now, the IRS has determined that you can claim 100% until December 30, 2022. Read more about it here.

Food bought at a restaurant is eligible for the deduction. Pre-packaged foods from grocery or convenience stores do not meet the requirements.

In most cases, meals and entertainment activities are fully deductible for businesses. Here are some qualifying situations:

  • a meal with a client where work is discussed
  • employee meals at a conference
  • employee meals while traveling
  • food for a board meeting
  • treating employees to a meal
  • dinner for employees working late
  • company wide party
  • food and drinks provided to the public for free

Some have specific exemptions, so check the IRS website to be sure.

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