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Free Lunch: New proposal could provide 116,000 kids with free lunches

Universal free lunch for students have been a lifesaver for parents, but the expiration date is coming to an end.

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One state is trying to keep funding going for their students to receive a free lunch everyday.

Vermont is looking to allocate $36 million dollars to continue the program beyond June 30, 2022.

The proposal is still in its early stages.

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If approved it will positively impact 116,000 kids in the state.

Once its voted on a second time in the House it will move on to the Senate.

This year the program would cost $28 million, then $35 million each year after.

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Free lunch program explained

The free lunch program in relation to COVID-19 was created when President Trump allowed the USDA to waive some regulations.

This made it so students could all receive free meals in school.

Families didn’t need to apply or prove eligibility.

This expires June 30, 2022, after almost two years.

This move has given over 10 million students a chance to eat meals for free across the country, and 90% of schools used the program.

Funding by Vermont for free lunch

Vermont is currently trying to think of ways to bring in enough money to continue funding for the program.

If they tax sweetened drinks, they could bring in $17 million, and by taxing candy they’d see $3.3 million more.

If the program ends and families lose it, qualifying for the program will be based on household income.

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