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Assemblyman Stirpe to host two electronics recycling events for CNY residents

Assemblyman Al Stirpe (D-Cicero) announced he is hosting two electronics recycling events for Central New Yorkers to dispose of unwanted devices, equipment and appliances safely.

“As we declutter during spring cleaning, it’s important to dispose of unwanted electronics properly – not just throw them in the trash,” Stirpe said. “Recycling electronics helps prevent hazardous waste from entering our landfills while salvaging scarce resources from devices. Whether it’s a broken smartphone or an outdated television, we’re helping preserve the planet for future generations by recycling electronics.”

Stirpe is holding the first e-recycling drive on Saturday, April 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Cicero-North Syracuse High School. Residents are encouraged to register for a drop-off time slot by visiting here .  A second event will be held on Saturday, Aug. 27 at East Syracuse Minoa Central High School.

Recyclable items accepted at these events include mobile devices like cell phones, tablets, smartwatches and fitness trackers; computers and accessories, such as printers and monitors; office equipment, such as fax machines, copiers and scanners; home entertainment equipment like TVs, AV equipment, VCRs and DVD players, and gaming systems; and other miscellaneous items, such as rechargeable batteries, GPS devices and cable boxes. Not accepted materials include large kitchen appliances, air conditioners and alkaline batteries. For a complete list of items that can be recycled at these events, visit online here.

New Yorkers are required to recycle electronic waste under state law. Stirpe is holding two events in different areas to make these services accessible to residents.  Previous events he has held received a strong turnout from the community, with last year’s drive collecting more than 200,000 pounds of electronics.