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Tips for riding in Spring

Spring is officially here, and it may take some time for the spring thaw to take effect, depending on what part of the country you live in. But this is still a great time to get your e-bike ready, especially if you’ve been getting ready to get off your stationary bike. Winter brought about a wave of indoor training. Now, it is time to stretch your muscles and ride on your bike outdoors for that wonderful feeling of nature. Get some wind on your face to make the beginning of Spring. 

Riding Tips

If you’ll be getting ready to ride outside again, here are some tips that will help in body and equipment preparation.

  • Plan Your Gear Ready-to-go

Yes, you’re ready to hit the road or trail once more. You just have to make sure you’re “ready” for it. You must ensure everything from your electric bike to your kit is ready.

You have to be sure everything is in working condition and perfectly lined up for a day on the road or trail, so a check has to be carried out on your electric bicycle and equipment before you ride. This is the first step to making sure you’re able to get out and enjoy your early-season rides.

You’d want to perform a thorough service check before getting on your e-bike. The tires, drivetrain, and cables must be checked for wear and tear or any other damages. Bikes might develop unforeseen faults, which is why you must check if the tire pressure is right, and the chain for rust and other defects. It would be an ideal time to replace that rusty chain and lubricate that cassette. Mudguards can be taken off, and lighter tires put in place of the heavier ones to make your e-bike feel like new when you go on your first ride in the spring.

  • Plan On A Route

Having prior knowledge of the route you’ll be riding is a great way to have something to look forward to while you’re pedaling away. New routes can help you get outside, whether it’s a route with nice flat sections or includes a bit of gravel. They can also help you keep your riding interesting, especially if you like to ride alone. You can get to enjoy the beautiful scenery along your route or choose a destination. The crucial thing to do before riding out is to go out and check along the route and all areas.

Check for your needs like water. If you might need to refill, you may want to take a route that has a refill option for your water. You may check for snacks too if you feel you may want to grab a snack with you to enjoy after your ride. It is also a good opportunity to check for traffic count if you want a low-traffic route and wants to be sure you have chosen correctly.

With no end-point in mind, you may find yourself getting disinterested in the journey further. This is why it is best to plan a destination along with the chosen route. Plan the route to a destination, and be sure to avoid busy roads and trails. This will help ensure you have a safe ride while also helping to keep your long-term interests in riding alive.

  • Plan a Social Trip

As the weather keeps warming up, riding clubs and groups have started arranging weekly rides for their members and probably taking new members too. So, joining a training group or program is a great way to get yourself ready.

These are groups and programs that could help you get ready for the triathlon if partaking is part of your reasons for riding in the first place. They are also a good outlet for social engagement if you want to meet new people. If you check in your local brochure, you’ll be sure to find at least one or two you can check in to.

 The point is, you can get in shape better and enjoy doing that with people of the same interest. As a plus, nothing stops you from taking over the entire cafe or bar with the group when your ride is over.

  • Plan Light Meals Before Trips

Usually, the plan is to take a ride either as a first rigorous exercise in the morning or as the last exercise in the evening.  However, your riding plans can be derailed, if you decide to sit for a full meal. It is better to have a snack ready to go before going for your ride, and afterward, you can chow down on a larger meal.

The best thing to do is to have a proper diet plan that takes care of you for when you want to go riding. A proper diet can go a long way in ensuring you’re achieving your fitness goals and are actively ready to hit the trail whenever you want to.

For starters, you could try including some greens in every meal and switching your snack preference to fruits or fruit-based snacks such as smoothies. For better results, consult with a dietitian or try out some diet plans that will best suit your riding goals.

  • Turn the Plan to a Habit

It takes quite some time before routines start to become established and solidified, maybe a couple of weeks. It is important to stick with your routine so that a healthy habit may be nurtured.

Outdoor riding is so much more enjoyable than the trainer. You get to enjoy the breeze, your favorite sights, and sounds and meet up with the people you’re interested in. The important thing is to enjoy yourself while doing it.


Motivating yourself will only get you so far if you’re not working with a routine plan. Enjoying yourself while sticking to this routine is a big step to making sure that you will be achieving your fitness goals and getting your body ready in time for the summer!

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