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Social Security: Collecting benefits worth up to $1,673 if you’ve never worked

Millions of Americans collect Social Security each month, but in order to collect the full benefit, you can’t retire until your full retirement age.

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Most people that collect benefits have paid into Social Security in the form of taxes.

People can claim as early as 62, but risk losing up to 30% of their full benefits.

By waiting until age 70 you can see a bigger amount than you would if you retired at your FRA for full benefits.

Some people haven’t worked at all, but they may still find a way to collect benefits.

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Social Security benefits you’re entitled to even if you’ve never worked

Spousal Social Security

Some Americans find themselves being stay at home parents, so working over their lifetime isn’t always feasible.

If you’re married and your spouse is entitled to benefits, you’re probably entitled to half of their benefits.

If you want the full amount you need to wait until your FRA.

Collecting at age 62 decreases your benefit.

You may have your own benefits, and the Social Security Administration will pay you whichever benefit is greater.

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Divorce benefits

Divorce benefits are similar to spousal benefits.

You can get up to 50% of what your spouse gets at their FRA.

Your marriage needed to have last longer than ten years, you cannot be remarried, and you need to be 62 or older.

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Survivors Social Security benefits

A large amount of recipients on Social Security benefits are widowers.

The survivors benefits can cover widowers and dependents of the deceased.

You can wait to claim until your FRA, but there is no timeframe for collecting.

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