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Medical Nutrition Therapy offered through Thompson

UR Medicine Thompson Health is now offering medical nutrition therapy (MNT), a key component of diabetes education and management.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, studies have documented A1c decreases for people with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes who receive MNT from a registered dietitian.

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Thompson Health’s MNT program, providing in-person and telemedicine outpatient visits to those with diabetes and chronic renal failure, is led by Joy Valvano.

A registered dietitian and certified diabetes care and education specialist since 2006, Valvano has extensive experience providing nutrition education and lifestyle management strategies to individuals and groups with a variety of health concerns including not only diabetes but cardiovascular disease, weight management and gastrointestinal issues. She uses a mindfulness approach to guide patients to make rewarding, sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes to meet their nutrition and health goals.

Individuals with diabetes and chronic renal failure seeking MNT through Thompson need a referral from their primary care physician, who would fax the referral to (585) 396-6915.

To schedule an appointment with Thompson dietitians for other nutrition-related issues, call (585) 396-6433. For more information on services, contact Valvano at (585) 396-6734.