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Updated timeline, construction cost for Auburn’s new skate park

A new estimated cost and construction timeline has been unveiled for the skate park project in Auburn’s Casey Park.

On the night of Wednesday, March 23, over two dozen people attended a public meeting at the New York State Equal Rights Heritage Center, where contractor Gridline Skateparks revealed concept art and gave updates on the new skate park’s construction, according to The Citizen.

The City of Auburn had previously stated the new skate park would cost $500,000 in total. Now, $500,000 is the estimated cost of the project’s first phase, with an additional $300,000 estimated for the project’s second phase.

Gridline CEO Matt Fluegge admitted the original construction timeline for the project- starting this summer and being finished by the end of this year- might have been a little too optimistic. Now, late summer is when construction will hopefully begin, but it could start as late as spring 2023 depending on weather conditions.

Fluegge also stated the new skate park is designed to accommodate “users of all ages and skill levels.” When asked about lighting, Fluegge and Renee Jensen, a senior planner for the city, agreed installing such features would be pricey.

Jensen also stated the existing 6,500-square-foot Casey skate park will be available for use while the new one is being constructed. The city has yet to determine what will become of the old skate park once the new one is finished.