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RECALL: Antifreeze causing Methanol poisoning

This antifreeze is being recalled due to potential poisoning.

recalled antifreeze. photo sourced from FDA

Prestone Recalls Shop Pro RV & Marine antifreeze.

Due to risk of methanol poisoning.

 Pre-cut fruit recall in effect for select Tops, Wegmans products

Antifreeze recall

Containers of antifreeze were filled incorrectly.

Using a product that contains methanol.

Leaving the containers to be mislabeled leaving out he methanol warning.

This can lead to serious issue.

Methanol vapors are very harmful and the effects can we fatal.

Methanol poses a poisoning hazard through inhalation or if ingested.

There is about 325 affected containers.

Sold exclusively at AutoZone stores.

During October 2021.

Here is what to do if you bought this product.

Stop using the recalled antifreeze and contact Prestone.

For a full refund.

And instructions on how to properly dispose of the product.

If you have already used this product.

Do not drink the water from the system!

Contact Prestone Products for instructions on how to properly flush your water system.

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