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Sands Family Foundation donates $13.5M for new Canandaigua YMCA

The Sands Family Foundation donated $13.5 million to the new Canandaigua YMCA project, announced YMCA officials on Monday, March 21.

A total of $12 million of that funding will go towards constructing the new facility, while up to $1.5 million will go towards operational costs, according to a YMCA press release.

“Constellation Brands is proud to donate the land where the Sands Family YMCA will be built,” said Rob Sands, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, Constellation Brands. “This land is where the company laid its roots, and we could not be prouder to continue the family tradition of supporting the Canandaigua community.”

The Sands family are long-time supporters of the Canandaigua YMCA. Their company Constellation Brands previously donated 13 acres of land at the corner of North St. and North Bloomfield Rd. for the purpose of constructing a new Canandaigua YMCA.

“The generosity of the Sands family throughout the years has been incredible,” said Jeffrey Friend, Chair, Canandaigua Family YMCA Board of Directors. “Their commitment to philanthropy and leadership in our community is admirable and their latest gift will allow us to serve even more individuals and families.”

The YMCA is currently seeking $6 million in additional philanthropic support for the new 75,000-sqaure-foot facility set to open in fall of 2023. You can learn more about how to get involved by contacting [email protected].