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Food Stamps: Can I use my SNAP benefits at Denny’s?

Millions of Americans collect food stamps each month as a way to afford food for their families through the SNAP program.

restaurant food that can be purchased with food stamps at participating restaurants

Some wonder if it’s possible to spend their benefits at restaurants like Denny’s.

The answer is complicated, but yes.

There are some circumstances where you can use your food stamps at your local Denny’s.

This can only happen at select locations for very specific people.

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What criteria need to be met to use food stamps at Denny’s?

In order to use your SNAP benefits at Denny’s you need to reside in California.

You need to be eligible for the Restaurant Meals Program.

500,000 people, $100 more in benefits?

RMP explained

You must meet the following criteria

  • Be 60 or older
  • Have a disability
  • Be homeless
  • Have a spouse eligible for the program

This is the only way an EBT card can be used at a restaurant.

RMP partners with states that are approved to use this program, and then restaurants willing to participate in the program.

You need to tell your server you will be using CalFresh benefits, which is the food stamp program in California.

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