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Food Stamps: 500,000 people, $100 more in benefits?

Millions of Americans were benefitting from extra food stamps, but one state’s governor is fighting the move to end them.

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Kentucky’s governor has decided to veto a plan that would end extra benefits for half a million state residents.

He shared his reasoning for the veto.

In a video released March 16, he stated that ending the emergency benefits would not allow seniors or children to afford food that they need.

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Where you aren’t allowed to use SNAP benefits and EBT cards

The bill he vetoed would end the extra food stamps given due to COVID-19 six weeks earlier.

The food stamps were set to end April 14, but the bill moved to end them March 7.

If they veto is overridden by the Republican Party, thousands will lose their extra food stamps worth around $100.

If it isn’t, they’ll get them for one more month.

Emergency SNAP benefits related to the pandemic to end this year

Emergency food stamps explained

Millions of families benefitted from emergency SNAP benefits during the pandemic.

They were given to states that declared a health emergency in their state.

Unless the government extends the payments, they will end April 15.

Extension have already happened, allowing them to go on this long.

Iowa has already decided to change back to pre-pandemic benefits in April.

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