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Adult Practical Nursing Program adds simulator mannequins and equipment to lab

Students attending the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Adult Practical Nursing program learn in a variety of ways. The traditional classroom setting provides necessary lessons from textbooks and databases. But it is the newest addition to the Health Professions lab that is generating lots of buzz at the campus located in Newark.

New simulation mannequins and equipment have been purchased with the CARES Act and American Rescue Act funding for the Practical Nursing program at BOCES. The High Fidelity Simulators are called Nursing Anne, SIM Mom and SIM Junior.

‘Nursing Anne’ is set up with monitors and audio-visual debriefing to assist students in capturing their skills in action. Students are able to review their performance after tending to Nursing Anne, reflecting on their training.

‘SIM MOM’ is equipped to deliver a baby from start to finish, including afterbirth, allowing students to perform maternal assessments. ‘SIM Junior’ is a pediatric simulator that students can practice on as if they were caring for a pediatric patient.

Nursing students evaluate vital signs on Nursing Ann in the Health Professions Lab at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES. 


Simulator resources installed on the mannequins include audible breath and heart sounds, changeable wounds and feet with different ulcer stages. The equipment also features task trainers, IV medication pumps, feeding pumps, stocked (simulated) medication carts and various online virtual simulations to enhance learning and skills performance.

“The addition of the high-fidelity simulators to our Health Professions lab has brought an additional valuable tool for nursing and other health careers,” said Amy Archey, Coordinator of Health Careers at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES. “The simulators will assist in learning and practicing advanced skills related to the student’s scope of practice.”

A nursing student works with the pediatric mannequin, SIM Junior, in the Health Professions Lab at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES. 

Students are better able to assess patients with simulated experiences and then reflect on their performances, making their time in the lab an invaluable experience they will carry into their future careers in healthcare.   

The Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Practical Nursing Program is a 1125 clock hour program that prepares students for licensure as a practical nurse. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2022-23 school year. To apply or learn more, visit the Adult & Continuing Education – Health Careers page at