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Geneva City School District releases superintendent search update

The Geneva City School District (GCSD) has released an update on their search for a new superintendent.

GCSD announced a second-round of interviews for the position were conducted this week. A successful candidate met with GCSD union, community, and parent representatives.

“We believe that starting with strong, selected candidates who fit the community profile is in the best interests of our children, and may also allow the district to avoid a more expensive search process,” said Board President Stephanie Annear in a press release. “The board is excited about the initial interviews we had and the candidate we chose to move forward, but we will not hire someone unless we believe we have the right person after we have completed very thorough vetting. The board has made all decisions in the process unanimously.”

The district also provided a tentative Superintendent Search Timeline:

Week 1 (Feb. 14–18)

  • Board initiates the search process
  • ThoughtExchange stakeholder survey launched

Week 2 (Feb. 21–25)

  • Board reviews preliminary stakeholder survey results and creates candidate profile
  • Board conducts first interviews

Week 3 (Feb. 28–March 4)

  • Board begins reference checks

Week 4 (March 7–11)

  • Board reviews and shares final stakeholder survey results
  • Board decides on candidate/s to move forward

Week 5–6 (March 14–25)

  • Multiple constituent groups conduct second interviews
  • Board receives AMRIC background check
  • Board completes reference checks
  • Board selects appointee, makes offer, and negotiates contract

Week 7 (March 28–April 1)*

  • Appointee visits Geneva schools
  • Board votes on appointment


  • Transition period begins
  • New superintendent begins official duties

*Dates Tentative

The district noted that this timeline applies only is the search process is successful. If it is unsuccessful, the board anticipates a statewide search.