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Daylight Saving Time may end up permanent

The Senate recently passed a bill that would work to make Daylight Saving Time permanent across America.

clocks representing daylight saving time

This is the Sunshine Protection Act, and it was passed unanimously by the Senate.

The bill still needs to be passed by the House and signed by President Biden to become official.

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New York among 33 states considering end to daylight saving time: Lawmakers say time to end ‘very cumbersome practice’

What happens in Daylight Saving Time ends?

If this bill passes, there will no longer be changing on clocks twice per year.

This means areas that suffer from early dark afternoons will no longer need to do so.

This bill was reintroduced in 2021 as an effort to diminish pedestrian accidents, reduce crime, and help with things like seasonal depression and childhood obesity.

Will clocks changing make people work for free for one hour?

Most lawmakers say this move is a no-brainer.

By ending the practice of changing the clocks, it will stop creating confusion among Americans and impacting their health or economy.

Daylight Saving Time started this past Sunday and will go through Sunday Nov. 6, 2022.