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Five Facts About Palms Bet That Makes it Among the Most Sought-After Betting Sites in Bulgaria

In today’s world, gamblers have the opportunity to access tons of online betting platforms from the comfort of their homes. This is especially true for iGaming fans who reside in Bulgaria because the local government allows some of the best operators to be available in the country. Speaking of the best, we have to mention Palms Bet Bulgaria and its review from Efirbet because this is one of the leading names in the business. Palms Bet has been around for several years, and the brand often runs ads on TV. Needless to say, this makes it one of the preferred options for online punters in this Balkan country.

Online punters who haven’t used any gambling operators may think that Palms Bet is as good as any of the other brands. While it is true that there are many similarities between the online betting operators, there are also loads of differences. That’s why this article will try to show you five intriguing facts about Palms Bet that make this brand more special than its counterparts.

  1. The site’s design

Despite being an important part of every online bookmaker and casino, some gambling operators don’t pay enough attention to their design. They think that people wouldn’t care about the design if they offer enough betting options. This is true up to a point, but experienced punters know that the best names in online betting also provide their users with a beautiful platform that is easy to use.

Fortunately, you don’t have to use an operator whose website looks as if it was created in the 1999s because Palms Bet offers a contemporary platform to all customers. It doesn’t matter whether they bet on sports or play casino games because Palms Bet uses a clean interface and dark colors. This makes the platform stand out, especially if Bulgarian online bettors compare it to the other operators in the country.

  1. Palms Bet offers free games

Aside from the design, this company has several other tricks that have made it as popular as it is. Thanks to the Palms Bet review from Efirbet in Bulgaria, we know that the site offers special free games. They allow customers to predict the correct score of several pre-selected football matches. If they predict the events successfully, Palms Bet will give them a 5 BGN free bet. What’s even more impressive is that these predictions will provide points that give punters the option to compete for additional cash prizes. Those who want to access the free games have to go to the category located near the promo section. Keep in mind that football events change on a regular basis, so you need to keep an eye on them.

  1. Sports jackpots

While we are on the topic of sports and bonuses, Palms Bet has many other impressive rewards that users can pick from. One of them is the sports jackpot which allows players to compete for a 500,000 BGN prize. Of course, getting this amount of money is not easy because the betting platform will require its customers to predict fifteen sports events. Instead of “staking” on the correct score, this time, Bulgarian online bettors have to choose between the 1×2 options.

Palms Bet hand-picks the matches that users have to stake on, which means that most of them are difficult to predict. To win a prize, you have to guess at least 10 selections (this will give you access to free spins). This sports jackpot has specific conditions that you must know before participating, so definitely check the information section before playing.

  1. Palms Bet offers bingo

Even though most online bettors are not interested in bingo, some people like the fact that they can put this game to the test. As a result, some of the best online casinos allow their clients to play bingo from the comfort of their homes. Sadly, most online betting companies in Bulgaria do not fall into this category because they only focus on sports.

The good news is that Efirbet’s review about Palms Bet Bulgaria shows that this operator has a stand-alone bingo subsection. The latter gives people the chance to play Bingo jackpot, which is progressive. As a result, the prize pool will increase all the time until someone wins.

  1. Strong social media presence

The operator’s social media presence is the last factor that plays a vital role in Palms Bet’s popularity. Nowadays, every online business needs to interact with its clients, which is why platforms such as Facebook are critical.

It seems like Palms Bet is one of the few brands that understand the importance f those things. They definitely have a positive impact on the bookie’s popularity in Bulgaria because millions of people use Facebook daily. Besides Facebook, Palms Bet also uses LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

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