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Kratom and Antidepressants

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Depression is one of the leading mental health concerns in the world today and affects persons of all ages and demographics. According to global mental health disorder statistics, it is projected that approximately 280 million people suffer from depression with most of them being women.

In most cases – and like other mental health issues – depression can reduce an individual’s quality of life as well as make it difficult to manage life tasks. Some of its common physical symptoms can include general pains and aches, low moods, as well as loss of energy.


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While depression has no cure, it’s very much treatable. Like most mental health conditions, its effects can be different from one individual to the other. As such, the treatment procedure may be individualized depending on one’s needs.

Ordinarily, the best treatment options include combining psychotherapy and medications that increase your serotonin and norepinephrine levels – with tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) being the most prescribed medications. These medications are known to have a noble effect on sleep, emotion, and mood.

But are these medications alone enough to manage depression? Well, reports indicate that mixing Kratom and antidepressants (but with utmost care) is arguably safe and can help treat depression.

In this article, we look at how kratom works for depression, the interaction between kratom and antidepressants, and whether it’s safe to combine kratom and antidepressants. Read on.

Kratom and Depression

As of today, the research on Kratom and its impact on mental health is quite scanty. That said, however, a recent study conducted in 2017 on the use of Kratom shows that people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues showed a decline in symptoms after using Kratom.

In another study conducted in 2018, titled “Kratom use and mental health”, it was confirmed that indeed Kratom helped reduce most of the effects associated with depression. In the same report, it was reported that Kratom has harm reduction potential for people who are battling opioid use withdrawal.

Now, how does Kratom work for depression?

Well, according to scientists, Kratom contains two active alkaloids, namely, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two alkaloids interact with opioid receptors in the brain. So, depending on the amount of kratom that one consumes the interaction between the alkaloids and the brain receptors can result in a number of effects that can include:

  • Lower sensitivity to pain
  • Pleasure
  • Sedation

The alkaloid mitragynine in collaboration with other brain systems is also known to cause stimulation when Kratom is consumed in lower doses. This is known to cause energizing effects. At moderate doses, people experience euphoria while large doses cause sedation.

Kratom and Antidepressants – Do They Interact?

As mentioned earlier, the two major antidepressants prescribed for depression are tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) because of their ability to boost serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the brain.

The most common tricyclic antidepressant is Tianeptine that’s marketed under the brands Coaxil and Stablon. On the other hand, Escitalopram (Lexapro) and Fluoxetine (Prozac) are the most common SSRI medications. While these medications have comparable effects, the efficacy between the two classes of antidepressants is comparable.

So, how does kratom interact with antidepressants? Well, studies indicate that Kratom and antidepressants such as Tianeptine (Coaxil) and Fluoxetine (Prozac) have a high chance of negative interaction.

According to most health professionals, combining Kratom and antidepressants may lead to competition in metabolism. This is because the alkaloids in Kratom primarily focus on stimulating the brain’s opioid receptors while the compounds in the antidepressants focus on boosting serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the brain.

So when you take the Kratom antidepressant combo, there’s a chance that your brain’s opioid receptors will become overly stimulated. Also, it’s unlikely that the chemical compounds in Kratom and antidepressants will interact directly with each other.

That said, however, there is a high chance that kratom and say Fluoxetine (Prozac) or Tianeptine (Coaxil) will most likely interact in the liver. Tianeptine for instance is mainly metabolized by CYP3A4 enzymes in the liver. Similarly, kratom alkaloids use the same pathway to get metabolized by the CYP2D6 and CYP2C9 enzymes.

Due to this connection, it means there’s a higher chance that the substances are going to contend with each other for the breakdown in the liver. This means if the liver cannot keep pace, the alkaloids in Kratom as well as the antidepressant substances will have a longer half-life. This could mean extended side effects for Kratom, toxicity, and serious side effects for antidepressants.

Because of this, antidepressants call for careful titration. This means that the amount of drug you consume must always match up to that which is taken in. This ensures unswerving antidepressant effects.

Consuming another substance such as kratom could easily take this out of proportion since it could automatically mean that more drug toxins will be entering your body than they are leaving. This could lead to toxicity or worse, overdose with repeated doses.

Note however, that for one-off use of kratom antidepressant combo, there will hardly be any side serious side effects.

Is It Safe to Combine Kratom and Antidepressants?

Most users on online kratom communities ask common questions such as can you take kratom with an antidepressant? Is it safe to mix kratom and antidepressants? Unfortunately, there is no scientific proof that the blend between kratom and antidepressants is safe. However, most users who have tried this combo, agree that the products are safe when used together, but only in the recommended dosages.

Kratom can enhance alertness, focus, attention, and energy when used in low amounts. However, Kratom can provide narcotic effects similar to morphine when used in high amounts and combined with other medications or alcohol.

Antidepressants on the other hand have their own set of undesirable side effects, especially when used in high amounts such as headaches, dizziness, constipation, and loss of appetite.

Using a blend of the two products carries a high risk of severe sedation, which can result in respiratory depression. Most users who have tried this combo claim that the severe side effects mostly occur after taking the products at a high dosage.

If you take kratom antidepressants and experience any side effects even in small dosages, avoid mixing the products.

If you want to try kratom antidepressants, seek advice from your doctor first, as they may advise you to reduce your kratom dosage or separate your kratom and antidepressants dosages by at least 2 hours.

Generally, persons who want to use Kratom should begin with small amounts and progressively increase their dosages. In addition, when taking antidepressants, it is vital to take caution and follow your prescription.

Best Varieties of Kratom Antidepressant

A white vein kratom is a good option for people who are tired, lazy, or unable to put in the effort to achieve anything, such as their employment.

White Borneo kratom, for example, is a wonderful natural product that alleviates symptoms of depression while also boosting energy and mood.

Suicidal thoughts and a lack of desire to interact with others are common symptoms of depression, which is why white kratom is so useful for these people. When you consume the Kratom strain, it will help you mingle, go out for a walk, and perform your duties or work without continuously being fatigued or bored with it.

Red Vein Indo Kratom and Red Bali Kratom are well-known for their sedative and calming properties. They do not interfere with the user’s ability to focus or concentrate, but they still allow them to feel relaxed and soothed at the same time.

Kratom experts recommend the red kratom strain to anyone with depression and symptoms like loss of focus, excessive tension, hyperactivity, and they want to relax or calm down.

Red strain kratom is best for those with excess energy yet suffering from depression. The kratom variety relaxes nerves and calms a hyperactive person down.

Kratom Antidepressant Dosage Guide

There is little to no information about kratom and antidepressant dosages. This is because it is impossible to predict how your body and medical conditions will change over time. Therefore, there will always be additional variables to consider, such as your body weight, age, and the mode of administration.

However, small amounts of Kratom, of between 1 and 2 grams, have been found to provide consumers with an energy and focus boost. A moderate dose of between 3 and 4 grams has been found to help in alleviating mild to chronic pain much quicker as well as bring in emotions of happiness.

When taken in amounts greater than 5 grams, users have reported sedation and an increased risk of severe adverse effects.

Once a patient is prescribed 5 mg of antidepressants for the first time, the dosage progressively increases to 10, 20, and 40 mg over several weeks. However, you should keep in mind that the daily maximum dose is 60 mg.

In most cases, the medication is given once a day, at the same time each day, unless otherwise directed by a physician or therapist. It can take anywhere from four to five weeks for the full advantages of the medicine to kick in.

When you combine kratom and antidepressants, ensure to start with the lowest dosage possible. You can take 2 grams of quality kratom and 5 mg of your antidepressant and wait to determine how your body reacts to the combo.

If you experience positive results, take the blend at least twice a week to avoid dependency. Since different people may experience different effects, avoid mixing kratom and antidepressants in case you feel sick or experience any other side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take kratom with antidepressant?

Yes! You can mix your preferred Kratom with an antidepressant. However, it is essential to take caution when taking this blend. Ensure to consult your doctor before taking kratom and antidepressants. Your physician can advise you on the dosage to consume and the effects to expect.

Which is the right kratom antidepressant dosage?

Start with a small dose of kratom and antidepressants to determine how your body reacts to the combo. Ensure to minimize the combo intake to at least twice a week to avoid dependency. If the combo makes you sick, take the products individually.

What are the effects of kratom and antidepressants?

If you take the right amount of this combo, you can enjoy an energy boost, pain-relieving effects, sedation, and pleasure. The products will help you manage all symptoms of depression. However, it is vital to remember that there is no scientific proof that supports the combo is safe.

What are the side effects of mixing kratom with antidepressants?

Some users claim that taking the blend at a high dose results in undesirable effects such as nausea, headaches, vomiting, and constipation.

Final Thoughts

As an organic product, kratom you can use kratom alongside antidepressants. However, safety should always come first when utilizing these products. Ensure to source your kratom from a reputable vendor who guarantees quality. A good place to start is New Dawn Kratom. We have a team of dedicated experts who can help you with all your kratom needs.

Kratom and antidepressants should be used in small amounts to avoid adverse effects. With 2 grams of quality kratom and 5 mg of antidepressant, you are sure of positive effects. It is vital to minimize this intake to at least twice a week to avoid dependency.

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