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7 tips for keeping your office carpet clean

Mats soften even the hardest floors, making your office more comfortable.

However, most offices experience high traffic and are therefore exposed to more dirt and debris on a daily basis. Here are some essential tips to help you keep your office carpet clean.


Regularly vacuuming your carpet is the single most important factor that helps prolong the life of your carpet and improve the retention of its appearance. By vacuuming your carpet, you not only keep it clean before the annual deep cleaning, but you also prevent it from wearing out quickly due to dirt buildup. Vacuum your carpet daily and pay special attention to areas with heavy foot traffic. For example, in areas with above average foot traffic and in bad weather such as winter, you may need to vacuum several times a day.


Regular vacuuming removes approximately 80% of debris and dirt from your carpet – even when you use the best vacuum cleaner, you still won’t be able to remove 100%. This is where Carpet Cleaning London comes in. Well, while the carpet in your home should be deep cleaned once or twice a year, office carpets should be deep cleaned three or four times a year. However, if you experience heavy foot traffic, carpets can be cleaned once a month. One of the benefits of deep cleaning is that it helps remove trapped dirt not only in the carpet fibers, but also under the carpet.


Area rugs are ideal when you want to keep your carpet clean. You can place them at main entrances to act as a buffer zone. In this case, most people will be able to leave their dirt and mud on these mats. This can reduce the likelihood of your office carpet getting dirty. You can also place the rugs in high traffic areas and in areas that tend to get dirtier than other parts. Please note: Area rugs should be heavy and easy to clean.


Work areas should always be clean and organized to inspire confidence in your customers. Your employees should also enjoy more comfort when working in your office. However, as much as you would like it to happen, stains are inevitable. Ink or coffee could get on the mat. If this happens, you have to wait for the next big carpet cleaning exercise because these stains can be difficult to remove in the long run. While it’s possible for your cleanup crew to clean up each spill as it happens, your employees can deal with every spill they cause immediately. You can keep cleaning supplies in common areas where everyone can easily access. Of course, accidents can’t be avoided sometimes, but they don’t have to be endured in the long run.


Most office workers usually eat and drink during office lunch breaks. Food and drinks are one of the biggest contributors to dirty carpets. As such, you should try to designate specific areas for meals. These areas should not be carpeted and a trash can should be kept on hand to keep the office fresh.


Keeping your office carpet clean usually starts before you put the carpet down. The office is a shoe environment where many people come and go throughout the day. So consider a rug in neutral colors like brown or gray because these colors hide stains and are easy to clean. Plus, cleaning stains from these rugs is easy, all you have to do is wipe excess liquid off the rug with a clean cloth as soon as possible. Then spray on a small amount of carpet cleaner and rinse with a damp cloth. This prevents the stain from becoming permanent.


To plan your maintenance schedule, start by planning your office space. You can use a traffic light system where high traffic areas can be marked red and medium traffic areas can be marked yellow, and green can be used to indicate low traffic areas. Once this is done, you can now easily determine how often each area will be cleaned.


Keeping your carpet clean can be a daunting task. Therefore, hiring professional carpet cleaners Sidcup can help you deep clean your carpet to prolong its life. They are state of the art and have the best carpet cleaning solutions to help remove stubborn stains and keep your office carpet clean and inviting.

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