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Social Security: When to expect the next round of $1,657 checks

Every month Social Security recipients wait for their check, and this year they have a 5.9% COLA increase in them.

social security cards used for ssi and social security benefits

The average checks this year with the COLA increase are worth around $1,657.

The next round will be going out tomorrow, March 9, 2022.

How to strive for the maximum benefit worth $4,194

Who will see their Social Security checks, and when, in March?

The first checks will go out on the second Wednesday of the month, March 9th.

Those with birthdays between the 1st and the 10th will see their checks tomorrow.

Anyone with birthdays between the 11th and 20th can expect their check March 16.

Remaining birthdays will be March 23.

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Other Social Security benefits

Anyone who gets SSI but retired before 1997 will see their benefits on the first of the month.

Everyone else will see them with Social Security check schedules.

Medicare has increased along with COLA as well, diminishing the size of checks in 2022.

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