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NY Gov. Hochul announces DMV recovery of $1.65M for consumers

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced recently that the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has recovered $1.65 million in goods and services for consumers.

Hochul’s Monday, March 7 announcement states that the money has been recovered for New Yorkers who received faulty or fraudulent auto repair service from dealerships or shops.

“When bad actors try to take advantage of consumers, New York will fight back,” said Hochul, according to a press release. “My administration is dedicated to protecting consumers from fraud, working closely with motorists who file complaints to make sure they get what they pay for. This money recouped by the DMV on behalf of consumers is a testament to our ongoing efforts to make our state a better, fairer place for all New Yorkers.”

The DMV investigates claims from consumers who believe they were wronged by a DMV-regulated business. In some cases, customers were refunded or provided with repairs, helped with title recovery efforts, or dealerships bought back vehicles to settle disputes.

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You can find the DMV’s Guide to Consumers here, Guide for Facilities here, and Know Your Rights Auto Repair page here.