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Child Tax Credit: Rules for claiming your older children

The year 2021 was beneficial to parents with children who claimed the child tax credit due to the temporary expansion.

cash parents can get with their refund from claiming the child tax credit

Families were able to receive half of their estimated child tax credit before 2021 ended in the form of advanced monthly payments.

This made it so during the pandemic, families could get the money when they needed it most instead of waiting for the 2022 tax season.

CTC: IRS will close the portal soon

Child tax credit for 2021 explained

The child tax credit is normally worth $2,000 per child if you meet eligibility requirements.

For 2021, kids ages 0-5 were worth $3,600 and children 6-17 were worth $3,000.

These changes were made under the American Rescue Plan.

IRS: Delayed refunds due to tax credit math errors

If your child reached the age of 17 before the end of 2021, they did not qualify for the credit any longer.

The $2,000 can still be claimed using the original limits for the child tax credit.

This year it is fully refundable, and during previous years only $1,400 was refundable.

CTC: New payments worth $175 going to qualifying households

Claiming the credit in 2022

In order to claim the credit, your child must meet some requirements if they’re over 17, or not your child but a dependent.

They can be any age if they’re permanently and totally disabled at any point throughout the year.

If they’re under age 24 and a full time student for 5 or more months of the year.

In order to be considered a child or qualifying relative, they need to be younger than you and under age 19 or a student under 24.

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