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Geneva begins search for next superintendent of schools

The Geneva City School District has begun the process of a superintendent search. The Board of Education is committed to finding the best possible candidate.

Before winter break, a survey went out to parents, staff, and administration to assist the district in building a superintendent profile. Guided by extensive initial survey feedback, the board invited selected candidates to submit resumes and conducted first-round interviews over winter break. The board met to review and adjust the candidate profile after the survey closed.


A successful candidate will move on to interviews with confidential teams representing constituent groups for second-round interviews. Feedback from constituent groups will go directly to the board.

The board will conduct thorough background checks using an investigation firm prior to making any employment decisions. The finalist will visit buildings and have an opportunity to openly meet staff and students before a superintendent is hired.

Should the process be unsuccessful, the district will open a statewide search.

“We are hopeful that constituent feedback before, during, and at the end of the process will ensure we find an excellent, thoroughly vetted candidate to lead us forward,” said Board President Stephanie Annear. “We will keep the community informed as plans move forward.”