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Should I go to work or grad school?

Here are some things to think about when deciding if you want to get another degree or start working.

things to consider if you're deciding on grad school or working

Going to grad school is a large investment of  time and money.

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Here are some things to consider

If you are about to graduate with your bachelors degree, you are probably facing some big decisions. Among those are probably going back to grad school or looking for a fulltime job. Some people know what they want, others need to weigh the options. Read more about it here.

  1. Have you had an honest conversation with yourself?
    • Jumping back into school after 4 or more years of rigorous study may leave you feeling burnt-out or unsure about graduate level academics.
    • Ask yourself these questions to help paint a clearer picture for yourself:
      • Is the topic something you’re passionate about and can see a future in?
      • Why do you think grad school is your next best step?
      • How do you feel about the prospect of graduate school?
  2. Is it flexible?
    • If you want to go to grad school, but aren’t ready yet think about deferring your acceptance for a semester or a year. This may lead you to finding a job during your gap time.
    • Considering a more flexible option like a gap year is one option. Or, you could consider a program that allows you to work while getting your graduate degree.
  3. What are the costs?
    • For some professions, graduate school is required. But for many, it is not.
    • Reviewing your current student loans and weighing in the additional cost of grad school versus your expected postgraduate salary.
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