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New York to hold elections using Democrat-drawn districts

A judge in Steuben County has determined it is too close to the June primary for New York’s redrawn congressional and legislative district maps to be tossed.

The decision was handed down on Thursday, March 3 by Judge Patrick McAllister at a hearing in Steuben County. Republicans had argued in a lawsuit that the redrawn district maps were unconstitutionally gerrymandered by the state’s Democratic majority.

“Even If I find the maps violated the Constitution and must be redrawn, it is highly unlikely that a new viable map could be drawn and be in place within a few weeks or even a couple of months,” stated McAllister, according to News10 NBC. “Therefore, striking these maps would more likely than not leave New York state without any duly elected congressional delegates.”

McAllister ruled that the lawsuit can move forward. Democratic state legislative leaders have challenged claims in the lawsuit, saying the redrawn maps reflect population loss in rural communities.

Check out a full, interactive map of New York’s new district lines here.