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Ithaca’s re-imaging public safety plan to overhaul IPD presented to City Council

The board studying the City of Ithaca’s Re-Imaging Public Safety presented a report to the City Council on Wednesday, March 2.

In June 2021, the Re-Imaging Public Safety working group created a controversial police reform plan that would replace the City of Ithaca’s Police Department with a public safety department.

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At Wednesday’s Coty Council meeting, the group presented recommendations for the new agency, which would replace the city’s police department with a new agency called “Department of Community Safety,” according to WENY News.

The department would be headed by a new Commissioner and the division of police would remain staffed with upwards of sixty officers. The report also recommends the hiring of five unarmed first responders, who would respond to non-violent emergency calls.

View the full recorded presentation by the Re-Imaging Public Safety working group here (Pt. I) and here (Pt. II).