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IRS: Topic 152 and your tax refund

Many Americans have filed their tax returns to the IRS in hopes of receiving a tax refund, but some are met with Topic 152 instead.

tax return forms used to submit to the irs for a tax refund

Many people are unaware of what this might mean.

There are two tools most people use to track their tax return: Where’s My Refund and IRS2Go App.

Some people have noticed Topic 152 on their tracking with no explanation.

IRS: Still waiting for a 2020 tax refund?

What does it mean when the IRS notifies you of Topic 152?

Topic 152 means you are getting a refund.

90% of refunds will be sent from the IRS within 21 days of processing a return.

This is measured in normal days, not business days, according to Marca.

Where’s My Refund and IRS2Go App explained

Mailing your return will result in you not starting your 21 days until it’s received and input into the IRS system.

Paper returns may take as long as 12 weeks before you see a refund.

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