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Applebee’s TV commercial fail

People did not like this Applebee’s Ad.

AppleBee's ad playing over CNN broadcast

If you haven’t seen Applebee’s latest commercial that might be for the best.

You will not believe the timing of it.

Over 20,000 people left disappointed.

U.S. bars and restaurants boycott Russian vodka- are they choosing the right brands?

Applebee’s commercial fail

While CNN was broadcasting the crisis involving Russia and Ukraine.

The chains commercial played.

This was highly criticized by viewers and the brand is now being accused of being insensitive.

During the broadcast an Applebee’s ad made an appearance during a split-screen of the invasion, blasting Zac Brown Band’s upbeat “Chicken Fried” single played over footage of fried chicken and beer.

@americasheroes What the heck @CNN #ukraine #russia #ww3 #applebees #invasion #fyp ♬ original sound – Military

Almost 20,000 then went to Twitter to express their disappointment with the add placement.

Here is was some people had to say about this incident.

“Applebees gotta do what they gotta do to get that ad revenue ig” @_zooya_

“I can’t see that applebees ad the same anymore” @BeastHiatus

“@Applebees this might be the worst ad placement I’ve ever seen.” @oscargodson

It’s very clear that this commercial did not go over well.

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