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Livingston County releases State Legislative Agenda

At today’s Board of Supervisors Meeting, Livingston County adopted its 2022 New York State Legislative Agenda. The plan outlines the County’s top priorities, provides a guide for the County’s legislative advocates and State delegation, and highlights key issues of importance to the local community.

The County’s State Legislative Agenda highlights 11 priority areas, including: Light Up Livingston, the County’s rural broadband initiative; public infrastructure and transportation funding; equitable veteran services funding; increased public and mental health resources for pandemic preparedness; reimbursement of federally funded Medicaid savings withheld by the state; support for GrowLivCo’s innovative Community Revitalization Initiative; recommendations on gaming concerns; enhanced flexibility of County-Wide Shared Services Initiative; threats to public safety; an end to local sales tax diversions by the state; and addresses persistent threats to Conesus Lake water quality and recreation.

“The State Legislative Agenda is an important document in that it gives a voice to the needs of Livingston County and its people,” said Livingston County Board of Supervisors Chairman, David LeFeber. “With it, we’ve laid out our guiding principles, prioritized several issues for which we’d like to see specific legislative action, and clearly stated ongoing general issues for the policy- makers and state government leaders in Albany.”

“Local government is well suited to support, serve, and respond to the needs of individuals and our community,” explained Livingston County Administrator Ian M. Coyle. “Still, we often need state legislative policy and action to support our county government efforts. With this

document we succinctly and professionally lay out our main county concerns and where we believe state legislative efforts can best address them.”

The State Legislature is in session through June 2, 2022. The state’s constitution mandates the approval of the state budget by April 1, 2022. A copy of the County’s Legislative Agenda is available here.