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All the Details You Need to Know About Thermal Imaging

Do you think that you know everything that you should know about thermal imaging? Most people will say no. Some say that thermal imaging will allow you to see through walls. Is there some truth to this? There are more details that you will learn as you continue to read.

Can You Use Thermal Imaging to See Through Walls?

People will say that with thermal imaging, you cannot technically “see” anything. Rather, the items will detect heat and will provide different colors depending on the temperature. The great thing is you can assign the colors to make things clearer for you. For example, you can use blue to show that the temperature is low. You can use red to show that the temperature is high.

A lot of walls are thick enough and walls are also insulated so being able to see through walls is not possible. It will have the ability to detect the heat coming from the wall. Thermal imaging optics are sometimes used to detect if there are temperature differences that will determine if there are water leaks or some problems with the insulation.

Can Thermal Imaging Be Used During a Fire?

One reason why people cannot navigate when there is fire is the smoke. The smoke can be too thick that people can barely see anything. Firefighters make use of thermal imaging so that they can detect which parts of the building are still considered “safe” for the meantime. This also allows them to see if there are some people stuck in some parts of the building.

How does this happen? Smoke can block visible light but it can allow infrared radiation to go through the smoke. This will help firefighters know where they should go next or what things they should do first to maximize the short amount of time that they have.

Will Thermal Imaging Be Useful When There’s Fog?

One of the things that people hate while they are driving in the fog. It can make the roads less visible. Sometimes the roads are draped in too much fog that driving will not be possible. Thermal imaging can be used for this situation.

A lot of cars right now are equipped with thermal imagers so that you will still be able to drive through thick fog. Just remember that not all vehicles will have this. If you live in a place wherein you will usually have problems with the fog, this is a good option to think about.

Seeing Through Glass, Concrete, and Metal

The different items that we see in our surroundings are made up of different things. Some are made of glass. Some are made of concrete while others are made of metal. You will not be able to see through glass but it will reflect the things that the glass can show. This means that if you would look at yourself in the mirror using thermal imaging devices, you will see yourself but in different colors.

For concrete, you will not be able to see through the other side of the concrete. Most walls are made out of concrete so nothing is surprising about this. If the concrete is exposed to some leaking issues though, the temperature will show that there is a problem. You can see if there are some temperature issues but you cannot see through concrete.

If you are trying to look through shiny metal, it will only work similarly to glass. This means that your reflection will show. The different colors that you will see will be your reflection. If you are trying to look at oxidized metal though, you can use thermal imaging properly. Oxidized metal will come with a matte-like finish which means that the temperature will be more accurate.

Seeing Through Trees

Hunters would like to know this so that they can decide if they should purchase thermal imaging cameras or night vision devices. You will not be able to see through a tree trunk because the trunk is too opaque. You can use thermal imaging for some tracks that animals have left behind. It can also make items that are not easily seen through imaging appear as long as they are not hidden behind something opaque.

What About Plastic?

Some people want to have some fun while using their thermal imaging devices. They would try it through other products that are transparent and translucent. Plastic can be transparent or translucent depending on its color. This means that you can see the item that is placed behind it easily. Remember that some thick plastics can already block infrared rays which means that you will not be able to see through them anymore.

Using Thermal Imaging When It’s Dark

People normally use thermal imaging at night because it does not need light to help you see what things are lurking in the dark. You will be able to see people, animals, and other things that radiate heat. 

With all of these things in mind, you can decide whether purchasing thermal imaging devices is worth it or not.

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