The ins and outs of online Bingo

Bingo is a classic game that has long taken the UK by storm. The game first emerged in Italy in the 16th century and has evolved almost beyond recognition, with one of the most popular ways to play being online, via an online casino website. Of course, the fundamental rules and aim of the game still apply — to complete your Bingo card by crossing off numbers on the balls that are drawn and called. You can play Bingo online whenever you choose, from a provider’s website or mobile app, which will allow you to play on the go. 

Whilst online Bingo games are based upon the classic land-based game, there are some key differences between the two. In this article, we’ll explore the main characteristics, telling you all you need to know to begin playing online. 

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A variety of games at your fingertips

One of the biggest attractions of online Bingo is the large selection of games that are available to play. You might not be aware, but there are actually multiple types of Bingo, and you can try your hand at all of them when you play online. These include:

  • 30 ball Bingo
  • 75 ball Bingo 
  • 80 ball Bingo
  • 90 ball Bingo

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to sample Slingo, a Bingo-Slots hybrid that combines the best of the popular games to create a new favourite!

Socialise and meet people from around the world 

One of the biggest draws when playing Bingo at a land-based establishment is the social aspect of the game. However, it turns out that online sites don’t disappoint on this front, since you can play a classic game of Bingo whilst chatting to other players, using the online live chat function. You’ll be able to meet people from all around the world and enjoy a great game of Bingo together. What more could you want?

Take advantage of casino bonuses

When you play Bingo online, you’ll be playing for real money, but it turns out that isn’t the only reward up for grabs. In fact, when you first sign up to an online site, you could get your hands on a welcome bonus, that usually comes in the form of free spins or free deposits, which can be used when playing Slots, Slingo, or some of the other games that the casino has to offer. And that’s not all! Returning players will also often be awarded with a loyalty bonus, which is usually gifted when you’ve played at a certain site for a specific period of time, or played a certain number of games. Being rewarded for just showing up — now that’s a bonus! 

Play anywhere, anytime

As we previously mentioned, perhaps the biggest perk of online Bingo is its convenient nature. You could play whenever suits you, whether that’s on the train on your commute to work, or on your sofa, chilling in your pyjamas. All you need is a stable internet connection and you’re ready to start checking off those numbers.