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Top 5 Most Chill and Beautiful Places in WoW

What many people often forget is that life’s best beauty comes from being at the right place at the right time. More often than not, places can be just plain mundane and unexciting to look at. With the pandemic placing us in our homes, a lot of us, especially gamers, were left to find and explore beautiful and aesthetic places in games. And oh does World of Warcraft have them!

WoW has given us tons of maps, gaming content, and adventures to look at over the years. And as of lately, they introduced us to Sepulcher of the First Ones, with players looking forwards to a SotFO Heroic boost. But they had to give out a bit of special treatment when it came to making some of these in-game places and maps because they had to fit in with the overall theme. While some were your regular questing grounds, others just left some players speechless on how beautiful they just were. That is why here we will take a look at the top 5 most beautiful, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing places in WoW!

5. Outland – Netherstorm

Coming in from the Outlands, Netherstorm does not disappoint with the vibe it is going with. If you are a fan of the color purple, this place will totally fit your aesthetic. Netherstorm has a constant storm of magic, in which lightning covers the sky at all times. This causes really chill and pleasing purple clouds to cover the sky. And because this magic in lore perspective deteriorates the lands, it adds a sense of darkness to the area.

If you are a fan of dark places, or just in search of a new WoW experience, you should totally go and visit the Netherstorm! Do note that you should be around level 25-50, so you won’t get slammed by the enemies there, such as the mana wyrms and nether rays. 

4. Silverpine Forest – Gilneas City

WoW Classic did not disappoint with the locations it presented to the players. The Silverpine Forest in itself gave some pretty ominous feelings, but the Gilneas City located beneath it was just on a whole different level. This dark and gloomy city is filled with gothic architecture, and the fact that it always rains in Gilneas City just makes it a total vibe to take a chill pill from the normal WoW gameplay!

Suited for Horde players between levels 10-20, you must visit Gilneas City. Even if you are a hardcore high-level player, you just cannot miss the aesthetics this gloomy city provides!

3. Crystalsong Forest – Dalaran

While we are on the theme of WoW cities, we have to take a look at Dalaran in Crystalsong Forest. Because of the sheer amount of magic Dalaran had, the city moved magically to Northrend, where it would rise high above the grounds. Like the Netherstorm, Dalaran city is also going with the vibe for purple colors. But not in the way of being dark and gloomy, but in the way of just being a total positive chill vibe. And because of its high position, you could also catch some views of Icecrown, Storm Peaks, and the Crystalsong Forest itself. 

The architecture is filled with pointy towers, and once you take a look at their heights, you will also catch a glimpse of the purple-like clouds that fill the sky that add a big plus to the city!

2. Quel’Danas – Sun’s Reach Harbor

If you are looking forwards to happy and positive vibes, then Sun’s Reach Harbor is just for you. Located in Quel’Danas, Sun’s Reach Harbor goes for brighter sunny colors, which make every player giggle and blush! The views that you can explore in Sun’s Reach Harbor are spectacular. Architecture is a bit strange, but that just adds up more to the aesthetics of the place. But what mostly adds up to the chill and beautifulness of this place are the trees.

The tree’s golden leaves really do remind everyone of Fall. So if your favorite season of the year is Fall, then taking a break from your adventuring in Sun’s Reach Harbor under these golden trees will give you the pleasant feelings you may be searching for!

1. Vashj’ir – Tenebrous Cavern

Our number 1 pick for the most beautiful place in WoW has to be the Tenebrous Cavern, located in Vashj’ir. Are you a fan of ocean vibes with coral reefs and sea life? Then the Tenebrous Cavern will suit you just right! The sea anemones and floating jellyfish that this place presents are a total banger. Covered mostly in blue colors, just seeing these coral reefs and floating jellyfishes is enough to please everyone’s aesthetic eye.

Depending on the vibe you are searching for in WoW, Tenebrous Cavern may not be what you are exactly searching for. But the impressive style that this place follows caught the eye of a lot of players, and that is why it is no.1!


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