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The Best Road Cycling Trails and Routes

Cycling is popular in Los Angeles due to the large landmass and amazing weather. But being a bubbling city, you might be impeded by traffic, sporadic commuter bike lanes, and impatient drivers that do not respect cyclists. Therefore, it is advisable to go for rides in areas that are mostly car-free or with light traffic. If you live in California and are interested in a unique biking experience, there are a good number of trails and routes for having a pleasant summer ride or exploring new terrains. Get yourself a KBO electric bicycle to make the trip. You are guaranteed to have fun on these trails. 

Bike Trails in Los Angeles

  • Cogswell Dam

The enchanting 7.5 mile Devils Canyon Dam Truck Trail is located in the San Gabriel Mountains. It leads to the Cogswell Dam and offers riders in South California, a breathtaking view. This trail is shaded by trees and mountains, so you can ride in a cool ambiance. The road borders a small creek fed by the dam and is close to public vehicular traffic. For those who choose to ride on weekends, there might be slight traffic for the first mile, but after getting past the recreational and fishing areas, you can continue the ride alone on the trail. 

  • Ballona Creek Bike Path

This fun trail spans from Culver City to Playa Del Rey, and you get to visit the beach at its end. The Ballona Creek Bike Path covers a distance of 7.4 miles and is close to the intersection between Jefferson and National Boulevards. If you ride in the afternoon, there is a little headwind going west, but an even greater one on the way back. Also, bikers can stop at the Baldwin Hills Stairs and Scenic Overlook over at the intersection between Jefferson Boulevard and Hetzler Road to enjoy the outdoor park. 

  • The Rose Bowl

Though the Rose Bowl might not be as scenic as the other paths, it does not feel any less exciting. This route comprises a 3-mile loop that spans around the golf course, parking spaces, and the stadium. It is used by joggers and professional cyclists for training exercises to keep in shape. Whether you choose to ride in the morning or evening, there is never a wrong time to visit this route. At any time of the day, you would always find people, and the path is adequately lit. Examine the front and rear lights before going for a night ride.

  • Marvin Braude/Pacific Coast Bike Path

The 22 miles Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail is great for bikers in Los Angeles. It stretches from Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades to Ballona Creek Path, which allows you to ride from Culver City to Palos Verdes provided you have the stamina. Anyone who rides regularly should already know about this route. You can visit several fun facilities along this path with the aid of a map. This trail is interrupted twice on the coast at Marina Del Rey and Hermosa Beach. So, you can enjoy exploring any of these, or continue to the end and chill at the beach.

  • Various River Paths

There are various river paths for bikers who want to ride far without stress, such as San Gabriel River Path, Rio Hondo Bike Path, and L.A River Path. These routes allow bikers a great stretch of space to ride. The L.A River Bike Path runs for 7.2 miles between Griffith Park and Elysian Park and is amazing for long-distance rides. Also, on the northeast of Los Angeles, the 3-mile long Arroyo Seco Pathway is a great option to consider. 

  • Elysian Park

Elysian Park is located in Los Angeles and is a short drive away from the downtown parts of LA. It is not as popular as the others, and you would easily find a lonely spot in the park on even weekends. It is the oldest park in Los Angeles with an excellent array of transplanted tree species and vistas. However, this trail is quite hilly and not suited for anyone who has not ridden an electric bike in a while. We advise that you equip yourself with quality gear to scale the hills before setting out on this trail.

  • Griffith Park

In terms of quality, Griffith Park is one of the best urban parks in the country with provisions for a variety of riding styles. Whether you want an easy ride or a workout, there are routes within the park. For an easy spin, you can try Zoo Drive and Crystal Springs Drive. However, if you want to work out, there are hills like the famous Mount Hollywood with a connection of roads to increase your heart rate and boost your fitness. You can plan a course to ride around the park by going through Commonwealth Avenue to the Griffith Park helipad, then across Mount Hollywood, and back to the Vermont Canyon. 

  • Mount Wilson

If you are an experienced rider who is tired of going through Elysian or Griffith Park, the San Gabriel Mountains is a good place to explore. Mount Wilson is located within the Los Angeles National Forest, runs for 19 miles, and you have to climb as high as 4,500 feet from the foot to the top. There is some traffic on this trail which worsens on weekends, so you have to start the trip before rush hour. You can also relax at the Cosmic Café found at the Mount Wilson Observatory.


For bikers in Los Angeles, there are a good number of trails to explore. However, it is best for new riders to conduct extensive research before choosing a route, while seasoned riders can try out any trails they have not been on. Endeavor to get a KBO bike to make your trip a pleasant experience. 

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