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Walmart adds extra security to this item

Extra security is being added to this Walmart item.

Walmart store

Some products are displayed behind lock and key.

Due to rise in theft and price Walmart is increase security on this item.

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Walmart increases security

This pandemic has affected grocery stores in many ways.

From running out of stock or having the jack up the prices.

Apparently you can now add theft to that list.

Grocery store all over are working to find ways to keep there products save.

And also just trying to adapt to the pandemic.

In this case we are talking about Walmart.

And it seems like they may have taken it a bit too far with this one.

TikTok user @oakqood19136 showed a $20 pack of two ribeye steaks wrapped in a lock and metal chains.

This was at a Walmart located in Florida.

Now some might say that it’s a bit extreme to lock up meat products.

But apparently the grocery chain felt it was necessary.

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