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How To Clone Hard Drive with Bad Sectors and Recover Data?

Data is valuable and needs to be protected at all costs. Whether your drive suffers from bad sectors or just got hit by a power surge, you can lose precious data that cannot be replaced. This guide will walk you through the steps of cloning your hard drive and do hdd data recovery in case it’s corrupted or deleted.

If you are looking for a way to clone your hard drive with bad sectors that are effective and easy, this is the post for you. Here are some ways to clone your hard drive with bad sectors without losing any data.

What Is Hard Drive Cloning?

Hard drive cloning is a simple and cost-effective way of protecting your data from corruption or deletion. Hard drive cloning means making an exact copy of the original hard drive by copying it onto a new one. The cloned hard drive can be used if the original one fails, is corrupted, or deleted.

Easy steps to clone hard drive with bad sectors

The first thing you need to do is find a bootable USB drive. You will be presented with an option of which partition type to install. You should see two options labeled “Boot Partition” and “Data Partition”.

Next, you will select the partition type for the data you want to clone. For this example, we are using NTFS-formatted partitions.

Choose any partition on your hard drive that does not have bad sectors before cloning it. This way, you won’t lose any data when cloning it.

After selecting a partition, a window will pop up asking what size the partition should be copied to – enter a size bigger than your original hard drive’s size but smaller than your new hard drive’s capacity in GBs or TBs. In this example, we chose 40GB for both partitions because our original hard drive was 20GB, and our new hard drive is 120GB in size.

Click Next and wait while Windows copies all of the files from one partition to another – make sure there is enough space on your destination disk before selecting Copy All Files From One Partition To Another in Disk Management if necessary.

Now that the data has been cloned successfully onto a safe partition with no bad sectors, it’s time to erase the original hard drives’ partitions so they can be used.

Tools for cloning hard drive with bad sectors

You will need a few tools to clone your hard drive with bad sectors. You’ll need a clone software that can clone your hard drive without losing data, a USB data cable for your hard drive, and an external storage device (preferably with enough storage space to save all of the contents of the cloned drive).

Steps for recovering data from a corrupted or deleted hard drive

If your hard drive has bad sectors and you want to clone it, then try these steps:

-Install Windows or Linux on a USB stick or SD card

-Boot from the utility disk

-Clone the hard drive with bad sectors to an external hard drive


Data recovery is a time-consuming, costly, and often futile process. We’ve outlined the best methods for cloning hard drives with bad sectors to save you the hassle.

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