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How long is the COVID-19 booster good against Omicron?

The COVID-19 booster improves protection against Omicron.

COVID-19 booster shot- how long is it effective against Omicron?

But how long does it last?

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COVID-19: new symptoms develop 1 month after infection

Here is what the CDC says about length of effectiveness

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that effectiveness declines after about four months.

The CDC reported that effectiveness against hospitalizations and urgent care from COVID-19 was higher after the third dose of the vaccine.

A CDC study by health care systems in 10 states looked into the effectiveness of the  COVID-19 booster shot. The study was conducted in late January and found that the booster doubled the protection against Omicron.

The CDC recommends staying up to date on all vaccines and boosters.

Dr. Fauci says the pandemic may soon be over

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