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Buffalo Bills ticket prices to increase next season

The Buffalo Bills announced Friday that ticket prices for the 2022 season will increase.

Bills Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service, Chris Colleary, said the cost of doing business and staying competitive is the reason why prices are increasing.

“We think it’s fair market value,” Colleary said. “We compare other teams’ prices; we compare our historical prices. We compare the value of that seat as a season ticket, the value as a single game. We evaluate every seat, every row. There are some seats that may go up $3 a game and there are others that might go up $20 a game. The seats that go up $20 a game might be in the first five rows of the 100-level compared to a seat in the 300 level. So, we factor all those things in it.”

Among other factors are the home opponents for the upcoming season. Teams like Tennessee, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and New England offer a strong home opponent draw and that will be factored into the team’s ticket pricing.

More than half of the general admission tickets (52.2%) will see the smallest increase in pricing ranging from $3 to $8.50 per game.

Roughly 20 percent of the tickets (more than 13,000 seats) are available for $60 or less as the Bills continue to offer one of the lowest season ticket prices in the NFL at $45 per game.